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Welcome to NICU Directory, an online portal designed to promote networking and collaboration among neonatal care providers across California. The directory includes publicly accessible contact information for all California NICUs, which units can update in real-time. Additional NICU data are available through the directory to members of the California Association of Neonatologists (CAN).

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The NICU Directory was developed through a partnership between CAN and the California Perinatal Quality Care Collaborative (CPQCC) with support from the Stanford University School of Medicine and Mead Johnson Nutrition.

NICU Overview

Total Number of NICUs: 154

Total NICU Beds: 3694


Total Number of NICUs that provide Hypothermia for HIE: 58  

Total Number of NICUs that provide iNO: 71 

Neonatal Surgery Programs:

Major Surgery: CCS Certified: 38

State Level of Care:

AAP Level of Care:

Provider Overview 

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Total Number of Active Neonatologists: 941 

Total Number of NNPs: 256 

Total Number of Perinatologists: 291

Total Number of Pediatric Surgeons: 183 

Total Number of NICU Hospitalists: 146 


Population (Last updated 2018)

  • California: 39.5 million
  • Canada: 37.06 million
  • USA: 327.2 million

CAN Membership (2015): 56% (331/589)

District IX SONPM Membership 2016: 334 (57%) (335/589)